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Oakwood Park Lakes - Fishing Rules

Oakwood Park Lakes is renowned not only for being a great fishing environment but also for having some of the largest freshwater fish in the uk.
All anglers must read and understand the fishery rules, before fishing the lakes. No excuse will be accepted for not understanding the rules. Any questions regarding these rules can be answered by the owner or the on site fishing bailiff.

Oakwood Park Lakes contain some exceptionally large fish that need very careful handling on the bank side. Any angler found not to be using the nets, mats, weigh sling, or breaking the fishery rules, or mishandling fish will be banned without refund.
Alwasy take care of your caught fish
  • Strictly Pre - Telephone Bookings only
  • Fisherman must inform the bailiff on arrival at the office
  • Payment to be made to the water bailiff on the day
  • A maximum of 2 fishing rods per person
  • No rods to be left unattended at any time
  • No Leadcore is to be used
  • Fisherman attending cookhouse must remove rods from water
  • No double or treble hooks - Maximum size hooks 2/0. Barbless hooks or micro-barbed only. No wire traces.
  • End tackle that allows the fish to free itself is compulsory, no fixed lead, tether or bent hook rigs allowed
  • Fishing is allowed in the designated areas only, no fishing is allowed behind the islands or the restricted area or as shown in the maps
  • All main line must be either mono or braided with a minimum breaking strain of 25lb. Braid recommended 50lb+
  • Minimum of 2.5llb test curve rods
  • Rig tubing or leaders to be used at all times, this reduces the risk of line damage to fish. Rig tubing must be at least 3'0" long to ensure no scale or fin damage occurs when playing the fish
  • Fish friendly - Rigs
  • Dead baits allowed, but only that purchased on site.
  • Live baits on only 1 rod (subject to bailiff/owner on approved rigs) MUST BE CAUGHT FROM LAKE
  • Minimum size landing nets 42 recommendation of 60/72
  • Halibut pellets are banned from October to March due to oil contents
  • Large fish to be beached on tarps and adequate unhooking mats must be used at all times for the safety of the fish.
  • Anybody seen holding the fish while standing up WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE.
  • Bivvies are to be placed on the lower water ledge only, and not on the higher bank
  • Photography must be carried immediately after capture if required
  • No Nuts or Pulse of any description allowed
  • The use of remote controlled bait boats are allowed, as long as they are used appropriately
  • The sacking or retaining of any fish is not allowed in any circumstances
  • Anglers must use a bottle of fish anti septic, to treat any damaged areas of the fish or any hooking points
  • Under no circumstance must anglers damage bank side or any foliage by cutting trees, reeds or shrubbery
  • No walking down banks. Steps must be used at all times
  • One non fishing guest is allowed per angler. However this is flexible as long as we have prior notice to your booking.
  • Guests visiting need prior permission to enter the fishery, and must call 07919 865636 on arrival inform the water bailiff
  • All rubbish to be cleared from swim and be placed in the provided waste bins
  • No keep nets. No fish to be taken away from lake at anytime
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Valid rod license to be held and available to be seen
  • All anglers are expected to behave in an orderly conduct, and have consideration for the other anglers around them
  • Loud or Drunken behavior will not be tolerated

Any angler breaking any of the fishing and site rules will be asked to leave the fishery immediately without refund.

Taken photos of your catch at Oakwood Park Lakes? Send them to us! at info@oakwoodparklakes.co.uk

Office Tel:01842 827 812 - Mobile 07919 865 636 - Email info@oakwoodparklakes.co.uk
Oakwood Park Lakes, Black Dyke Road, Hockwold, Thetford. Norfolk IP26 4JW

Oakwood Park Lakes. Blackdyke Road, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk IP26 4JW

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